Officina Meccanica Industriale Sud s.r.l. (O.M.I. SUD s.r.l.) was established in 1994 as a service company in the field of maintenance for repairs of mechanical parts.

Over the years, thanks to the recruitment of highly qualified technicians and staff and the acquisition of increasingly innovative and cutting-edge equipment, the company has been able to expand its fields of application while maintaining high quality standards.

Today, O.M.I. SUD boasts a qualified production staff of 35 people, including technicians and workers, with a production potential of 50,000 hours per year and the possibility of expansion, including in the short term. It can also count, if necessary, on the valuable contribution offered by a team of professionals, contractually bound to the Company.

In what is a constantly evolving sector, O.M.I. SUD relies on training and continuous updating carried out for the benefit of the workers, who, as a result, are put in a position to successfully perform any type of machining operation, in full compliance with current safety regulations.


The company has its registered office in Crotone and two operating sites including a production plant on an area of about 7000 m2 of which 1000 are covered and a port area of 4400 m2 where shipbuilding jobs are performed.